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Gain new insights into your Cryptohopper trading bot

With our multi-hopper dashboards and advanced trading history views
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Advanced trading history

Hopper performance

Track everything

Multi-hopper dashboard

Combine your hoppers into a single view with various profit/loss metrics.
Different base currencies? No problem, we'll display them in USDT

Outperforming Bitcoin?

With our cumulative PNL view you can track how your hoppers are performing vs Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole

Performance log

Throw away those spreadsheets.
We take a snapshot of your hoppers daily and allow for Excel download

The details matter

Optimising your bot starts with knowing the details

Birds-eye view per coin

Knowing which coins perform well with your strategy can help you narrow down which ones to add or remove from your list

Cryptwire coin info

Actual profit per coin

Highest profit percentage doesn't always tell the full story. Find out which coins turn the most profit for you

Cryptwire highest profit

Upcoming features

We're working on bringing you the best analytics and bot optimisation platform, here's what's ahead

  • Hopper vs Hopper

    Go head-to-head with your own hoppers or other trader's hoppers

  • Coin finder

    We'll help you find coins based on market cap, price movement and technical analysis values

  • Interventions

    Optimise your trading by automatically taking action on your hopper. Like updating your coin list, taking profit — it's up to you



  • Communities

    See how your bot performs vs other bots using the same strategy or template

  • War stories

    Trading crypto can be an emotional roller coaster. We'll compile your best and worst trades — as well as those diamond hand moments